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《身體旅行》將會帶來 5 個多元化當代舞蹈作品,香港的極限運動藝術家(跑酷)李匡翹 X 當代舞新晉編舞李拓坤的全新作品《卡》,澳門新銳編舞 Albert Garcia 的全新創作Artery,來自中國近年頻頻囊括國際編舞大賽獎項的編舞肖智仁作品《關係》;西班牙著名編舞/舞者 Diego Sinniger(馬德里編舞比賽冠軍作品)的作品《LIOV》;以及前比利時著名舞團 Peeping Tom 和DV8資深創作舞者 Jos Baker(英國)的獨舞作品Know it all。 

Without gorgeous sets and fancy lighting, dancers from four different places perform On Site – Dancing Around on the streets of Macao. They will dance through the streets and use their bodies to present different possibilities and to return to dance itself, allowing audience to experience the charm of contemporary dance.Works include: Hong Kong parkour artist Lee Hong Kiu and emerging contemporary choreographer Li Tuokun’s new production; Macao budding choreographer Albert Garcia’s new work; Relationship by international multi-awarded Chinese choreographer Xiao Zhiren; an award-winning piece in the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid – Paso a 2 in 2017, LIOV by renowned Spanish choreographer and dancer Diego Sinniger, and a dance solo by UK-born, Belgium-based seasoned choreographer Jos Baker,  former dancer of Peeping Tom and DV8 Physical Theatre.


​Performance Information

10.1.2020  星期五            

11:00 |  康公廟前地            

15:00 | 大炮台花園           


11.1.2020    星期六  
11:00 | 板樟堂前地
15:00 | 南灣湖水上活動中心

10/1/2020 | Friday
11:00 | Largo do Pagode do Bazar
15:00 | Mount Fortress Garden

11/1/2020 | Saturday
11:00 | Largo de S. Domingos
15:00 | Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre


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