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​當打之年 The Formidable Year


編舞及演出 : 黃翠絲,毛維


Choreography and Performance :Tracy Wong Mao Wei 

Performance:Carmen Yu John Woo 

​*「當打之年」10分鐘初演版本由香港藝術節2021 香港賽馬會當代舞蹈平台委約及製作


三十,而立之年,我們漸漸遠離青春,趨向成熟。或許我們多了一些經驗,卻也多了一些限制;多了自己的個性,也多了向社會的妥協。我們開始擁有,卻更加害怕失去,害怕我們的不顧一切會摧毀我們過去的成果,可是我們又不想循規蹈矩;,我們在矛盾中前行,努力保持着著這種脆弱的平衡,這個作品是我們人生中的一個很重要的節點,希望可以通過這個作品分享我們當下對於這個階段的感受 。


Turning 30, an age at which to establish oneself, we move from youth to maturity. Our experiences might have grown, and so might our limitations; and our characters might have grown, but so might our compromises with society. We start to possess things, but worry too much about losing them. We dread that our relentlessness might ruin past achievements, but paradoxically, we want to break rules. Progressing in spite of dilemmas, we endeavour to maintain this delicate balance. This work is a critical turning point in our lives, through which I hope to share our feelings about this stage of one’s life. 

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