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  Les Curious Fringes; Blast of The Cave 


長篇作品   Full length work

Photo credit:Hong Kong Art Centre

**Les Curious Fringes(《洞穴爆發:奇異毛球》前身)於2016年在由香港藝術中心和比利時文化團體Les Halles de Schaerbeek合辦的“香港味道”中首演。

Presented in the 27th Macao Arts Festival, organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government





There is a well-known quote in Sophie’s World: “Who are you? Where does the world come from?” Have you ever thought of a world where stone can speak?

One day a stone that has lived on Earth for a long time starts recounting the past to the world’s two sole organisms, which travels to the past to experience the happenings of the world. On a dark stage, both audiences and dancers come across the most primitive immersive experience and ponder over the existence of “self”.

Les Curious Fringes – Blast of the Cave is created by Tracy Wong, choreographer of the well-established Shelf Life, in collaboration with Hong Kong artist Mao Wei and artists from France and Belgium. Through a wide range of innovative visual elements and installations on stage, the performance creates a space transcending the boundary of time for deliberation of the origins and development of life.



 編舞及舞者 Choreographers and Dancers:

黃翠絲、毛維 Tracy Wong and Mao Wei

視覺與裝置藝術 Visual Arts, Installation and Stage Design:

 Camille Panza (Belgium)

視覺及裝置藝術、插畫 Visual Arts, Installation and Illustrations: 

Pierre Mercier (France) and Marie-Laetitia Cianfarani (France) 

        燈光設計 Lighting Designer:

Léonard Cornevin (France)

        作曲及音響設計 Composer and Audio Design:

Noam Rzewski (Belgium)

        舞台監督 Stage Manager:

何浩然 Horis Chao

        監制 Producer:

   孫正琪 Sun Cheng Kei       

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