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雙人舞                             二十分鐘作品

   Duo                              20Mins work

Photo Credit: Keith Hiro

Photos of Mapping provided by Hong Kong Arts Festival


*《地圖》由香港藝術節委約及製作,於2016 香港賽馬會當代舞蹈平台首演

“Mapping” was commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival 




In this interconnected world, we float like bits of shin.

Any brief moment we stop, we will be swallowed up by time.

​When time excretes us back out, Where are we then? 

記得在外地的時候, 我們迷路了無數遍, 然後跟GOOGLE MAP 做了好朋友, 彷彿有了‘它’,我們就可以亂闖世界, ‘它’給予我們安全感, 我們只有無條件的相信 ‘它’,即使你不知道前路是錯還是對的.在這個高速運作的城市裡,我們很容易隨波逐流。我們彷彿迷失了,很想打開地圖, 找到自己的定位.我們好像被社會莫名的標準給規限著, 順從著人們所認為 ‘好’和 ‘對’ 的概念, 然而,我們都彷彿在努力的去證明自己, 卻失去了最真實的自己。我們該如何找到自己的 ‘定位’? 如何去 ‘定位’ 自己? 還是需要通過別人去給予我們的 ‘定位’? 然而, 你都在乎嗎?

I remember once we lost. We became good friends with Google Maps. It was as though, with it, we could roam the world without fear, with the sense of safety it offered us. We believed in it unconditionally – even if we didn’t know whether the road ahead was right or wrong. In this high-efficiency city, it’s easy to get swept up in the currents of happenings. We feel as though we are lost; we want to open that map and find our bearings. Sometimes, it’s as though we are restricted by arbitrary standards society has pinned on us, forced to navigate along others’ concepts of “good” and “right”. We all seem to be trying hard to prove ourselves; at the same time, we lose our truest selves. How should we find our own positions? How does one position oneself? Or do we need others to position us? Or, do you even care? 

編舞/舞者 Choreographer/Dancers:

黃翠絲、毛維 Tracy Wong and Mao Wei

​作曲 Composer:

葉破 Paul Yip

2019.8            韓國NDA國際舞蹈節 NDA New Dance For Aisa International Festival
2017.2          《福岡藝穗節》 Fukuoka Fringe Festival
2017.1          《香港比舞》舞蹈節  Hong Kong Dance Exchange Festival
2016.3            首演於第43屆香港藝術節-賽馬會當代舞蹈平台系列  

                         Premiered at The 43th Hong Kong Art Festival Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series

首演: 第44屆香港藝術節-賽馬會當代舞蹈平台系列2016

premiered at The 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival-The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series 2016 

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