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This work is the last work of MW’s Formidable Trilogy. The conception of the Formidable series began exactly 5 years ago from 2019 to now. In these 5 years, we have gone through a stage from our 20s to 30s. , people say they stand up at 30, but what we see more is the fragility of people in their thirties.


What we feel in the first part of the Formidable Trilogy - "The Formidable year" is that we are about to enter our thirties. All kinds of burdens and fragility suddenly appear on us, and we have to continue with trembling knees move forward.


In the second part of the Formidable Trilogy - "Dance me to the end of the night ", we seek social recognition, but gradually realize the rules and restrictions of society, and also understand that the real "madman" may be no matter how painful and difficult it is , we will still continue the "madman" party, even if it is only us.

The last part of the Formidable Trilogy, "The glass of timeless echo ," is also a look back at the past while thinking about how we should continue to develop in the future. From reflection on our own experiences and reflections on why we have all the things we did before, , with our dramaturgy James ’s communication, we gradually found the theme of “persistence”. The generation of "attachment" can be divided into five directions. Borrowing the "five poisons" in Buddhism to classify it, they are "greed, anger, ignorance, pride, and doubt." Although this "Five Poisons" does not sound like a very good presentation, it is an indispensable human nature to become "us". Without " persistence", where would we be?Have we ever regretted our "persistence"? After drinking this glass of wine, we will be able to go back to the past, travel through the memories of the past, maybe we can rethink what is right and what is wrong?


This time, you will enter this memory as a bystander. Do you Thinking you are watching or experiencing it?

We tried to break form of dance expression, cut through human natures , and worked with the team to create 8 different characters. These 8 different characters will project their own stories and feelings on the stage, and you will be able to see Their inner world includes strength, weakness, disguise, flattery, depression, anger, unwillingness, resentment, sympathy, melancholy, ego, happiness, relaxation, etc. Maybe you will see "yourself" as well , because in this space where reality and illusion intersect, what is the "Echo "?

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