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一個人的狂歡 One Person Carnival Party

編舞/演出: 黃翠絲
演出: 古雯欣及演出者

Choreographer / Dancer: Wong Choi Si, Tracy 
Performer: Ku Man Ian

三十而立,沒有肆意灑脫,沒有雲淡風輕,回眸看,發現自己多久沒有直面自己,什麼是自己?從前用虛構的美麗自己騙自己,其實那是一種直面真相的癱軟無力, 看似繁花似錦背後的荒涼,我們都是一個人,「孤獨是一個人的狂歡,而狂歡卻是一群人的孤獨。」

Being thirty, there is no wanton freedom. Cloud is no longer light and wind is no longer soft. Looking back at my past, I found how long I haven’t faced myself directly and asked what myself is. I used to deceive myself with my fictitious beauty in the past. In fact, it was a kind of weakness which avoids the truth. It was like a desolation behind blossoming flowers. We are all alone.

2021.04.03-04     《Dansations 舞聲舞息》- 澳門 舊法院大樓黑盒劇場

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