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Dance improvisation is a spontaneous creation of movement without any rehearsals or choreographies. It is a true expression and release of the inner impulses, dancers move at will and heart-driven – not limited by time, space, theme or concept. Just dance freely anywhere and anytime. Without any preset and limitations, ImprovFlashMob is an event of dance improvisation that will surprise you!

Dancers from Macao and other regions as well as promising dancers from On Site – Outreach Incubation Programme will join hands with Macao musician Bruce Pun to present an improvised music and dance performance, giving audience an experience that can never be recreated, surprises and a taste of the contemporary art of the moment.

​Performance Information



Live Music: Bruce Pun

表演者:許佳琳、劉楚華、古雯欣、王桂敏、陳添、王培先、周貴東、董繼蘭、孵化計劃學生(尹芷晴, 陳曉青)

Performers: Karen Hoi, Chole Lao, Ku Man Ian, Wong Kuai Man, Chen Tian, Wang Peixian, Allen Zhou,

            Dong Jilan, Maya, Incubation Programme student(Wan Chi Cheng,Elva, CHAN HIO CHENG)

21/1 星期四 15:00

板樟堂前地 Largo de S. Domingos

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