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《火滅》Put Out The Flame

《火滅》Put Out The Flame 2019 Hong Kong Arts Festival Concept and direction: Jos Baker Performance and creation: Wong Choi Si & Mao Weii Choreographic assistance : Inês Carijó

《西門說》Simon Says

《西門說》Simon Says by Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh 2017(Tracy-Performer)


《明天你還愛我嗎?》香港篇Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (HK Remix) The 45th Hong Kong Art Festival 2017(Mao Wei- Co-choreogrpaher and dancer)


DONTKNOWHERE by Liu Yen-Cheng 2015 (Tracy-Performer)


Tringer 2.0 四度工作室 Four Degrees Dance Laboratory 2014 (MW- Choreographer and dancer)

Bubble Art

Bubble Art Collaborate with Justin Chow


Natural person 2016 I-Dance Hong Kong (Mao Wei- Choreographer and Dancer)

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