Mao Wei


MW 舞蹈劇場藝術總監


獲全額獎學金畢業於香港演藝學院。現為MW 舞蹈劇場藝術總監,也是MW舞蹈劇場的創辦人之一。作為年輕一代的藝術家他致力於創作與編舞,過去這幾年他的作品被邀請很多不同的藝術節,如香港藝術節,澳門藝術節,澳門藝穗節,香港新視野藝術節,韓國NDA 國際藝術節,日本福岡藝穗節,廣東現代舞周,西班牙卡迪斯藝術節,希臘One small Step 藝術節等等。


這些年他也不停的尋找更多的可能性與不同的藝術家們合作,受香港藝術中心邀請創作“奇異毛球”,之後作品在澳門藝術節再次重演。受邀與義大利藝術家Alessandro Sciarroni,合作創作“明天你還愛我嗎(香港篇)”並於次年再創作於重演,現受邀香港西九龍文化區邀請於西班牙與當地佛朗明高藝術家進行一個三年的文化交流於創作。




​Artist Director of MW Dance Theatre


Born in China. graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with full scholarship. He awarded the full Scholarship twice for the ImplusTanz Festival.

He is now the Artistic Director of MW Dance Theater base in Hong Kong.


In last few years, he was focusing on creation, also his work being invited to different festival in different country and city to tour in Asian and Europe. Mao is interested in partnering work in choreography by researching and collaborating. He keens on the development of the body and to explore the physical characteristics of the unique style; delicate partnering work with a strong visual impact is a major feature of their works.Mao loves to collaborate with different kind of art form, to widen the possibility of arts.

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