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​Mao Wei

Founder, Artistic Director & Choreographer


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         毛維     Mao Wei


MW 舞蹈劇場創辦人





獲全額獎學金畢業於香港演藝學院,現為 MW 舞蹈劇場藝術總監。近年專注在創作與身體的開發以期望創造出一個獨特的風格,在雙人舞技術上與黃翠絲共同創建“相對力”的獨特雙人舞語彙。代表作:《原》《地圖》《皮紋》《賞味期限》等,獲邀參加世界各地的藝術節進行巡演,作品廣受好評。受香港藝術中心邀請與比利時藝術家團隊“ERSATZ”合作創作《洞穴爆發-奇異毛球》,受邀香港藝術節與義大利藝術家Alessandro Sciarroni合作創作《明天你還愛我嗎(香港篇)》與英國藝術家Jos Baker合作創作《火滅》,現受邀香港西九龍文化區於西班牙進行三年文化交流與創作《最深處的》。

2019 年MW舞蹈劇場舉辦首屆“ 在地 ”文化交流平台,向更多人推廣當代藝術,至今已成功舉行了三屆。


Mao Wei graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a full scholarship. The founders of MW Dance Theater, is currently the artistic director of MW Dance Theater. In recent years, he has focused on creation and body development in hopes of creating a unique style. In the partnering technique, He and WONG CHOI SI created a unique partnering vocabulary of "relative force". 


His representative works: "Pardon", "Mapping", "A Part of Us ", "Shelf Life", etc., were invited to participate in art festivals all over the world . He was invited by the Hong Kong Arts Center to create "Les Curious Fringes; Blast of The Cave " with Belgian artists company “ERSATZ”, Also, he invited to collaborate with Italian artist Alessandro Sciarroni to create "will you still Love Me Tomorrow (Hong Kong)" by Hong Kong Arts Festival and "Put out the flame" by British artist Jos Baker . 


Recently his new project that invited by Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District for three years of cultural exchange and created New work : “From deep inside“


In 2019, MW Dance Theater held the first "ON STIE" festival to promote contemporary art in Macau. It has been successfully been for held three years. 


His works have a unique personal style, his keen artistic sense allows him to use a small theater to present the big world, and his unique creative style makes him a representative of the new generation of artists in Hong Kong and Macau.

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